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Concrete Edging

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Edging, Weed Fabric, and Stone or Mulch

Brouwer Landscaping Inc. goes through great measures to ensure that the customer receives the highest quality in choices of edging, weed fabric, stone, and mulches.

We use 14 gauge or thicker rolled top galvanized steel edging from a distributor that has given us top quality through the years. We also use concrete edging when the customer requests it. We use the best weed fabric in the industry. Do not let anyone say that all weed fabrics are created equal. We are the only company in northern Colorado, which uses Typar weed fabric. We special order it from out of state because no other fabric is even remotely as strong or durable as Typar. Typar weed fabric comes with a ten-year guarantee, but we have found that it lasts many years beyond that. We work with customers to decide which stone or mulch would compliment their home, taking into consideration personal preference and cost.