Proudly serving northern Colorado including Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Johnstown, and Berthoud since 1995.

Irrigation Systems

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Brouwer Landscaping Inc. strives to use the most reliable and modern sprinkler parts. Since designing and installing systems since 1995 we have learned which parts we deem to be most reliable.

Our systems start with a 1" Febco vacuum breaker off the sprinkler service line, which is connected to a PVC mainline. We use Rainbird DV 100 valves, which we try to keep together in valve banks of 3-6 valves. Eagle green stripe poly pipe with a lifetime guarantee is used to transfer the water to the heads. At this point, distance and terrain is taken into consideration on which heads we would choose to use. We use MP rotator heads primarily for most lawns. These heads give us excellent coverage and which in turn helps conserve water. In large areas we use Hunter rotors which allows us help gage precipitation through nozzle choices. The system is controlled by a Rainbird ESP modular clock, which allows us to efficiently adapt the system to the clock while giving future flexibility. Our systems are installed using a trenchless system in order to prevent future trench settling while reducing damage to existing lawns.