Proudly serving northern Colorado including Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Johnstown, and Berthoud since 1995.


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To get a better understanding of how the landscape and irrigation process works, we will describe a typical job.

After receiving a phone call or email, an initial consultation will be arranged. After meeting with the customer and understanding what they envision for their property, we will draw up a landscape drawing and give an initial detailed estimate. After coming to an agreement on the drawing and estimate a start time will be determined and the work will begin. We generally start with a soil preparation in which compost (5 cubic yards / 1000 squ ft.) is ripped and rototilled into your existing soil. We use 8" ripper teeth and skid loader rototiller to ensure that a proper soil prep has been accomplished. After final grade we paint out the bed lines and mark the tree and shrub locations. We then install the irrigation system. We use a vibra plow to install the pipe to ensure that no settling occurs. Trees and shrubs are then planted, followed be installation of drip line, edging (concrete or steel), and stone or mulch. Another final grade is then given to the site with a box scraper roller, and fine raking done by hand. Lastly sod or seed is installed, sprinkler heads adjusted, and final clean up of the street and any empty lot that was used. This describes a basic landscape and irrigation system installation. Water features, hardscapes, lighting and other features are handled in different orders to keep an efficient process in the construction process. In all of the process we strive to keep the customer involved, in order that the final product will be to their satisfaction.